"It is by the deep, hidden currents that the oceans are made one."  Rachel Carson, The Sea Around Us
  (left to right: David, Eleni, Henry; photograph taken at Lake Buell, MA by James D. Metzger, photographer)

Born Deep River, Ontario  Canada
1954-1965        Family lives in Scotch Plains, NJ
                         (58-60 Family lives in London, England)
1965                 Family returns to Canada
                         Summers spent in northern Saskatchewan
                                wilderness leaving lifelong hypersensitivity
                                to natural world
                         Attends high school in Saskatoon

1970                  Attends Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS
1972                  Travels throughout Greece for three months
1976                  B.A, Carleton University, Ottawa
1979                  Moves to Brooklyn from Toronto
1987                  Travels to France and Greece
1989                  Masters of Social Work, New York University
                               Clinical Social Worker, Brooklyn
1994                  Marries David in Seal Harbor, Maine                              
1996                  Moves to Southern Tier, New York
                          Starts to paint (Biophilia Series)
                                oil and mixed media on gessoed paper
                          Father diagnosed with dementia in Toronto
1999                  Names Brooklyn studio TheoGanz Studio from
                              Eternity and a Day
                              (Theo Angelopoulos, director + Bruno Ganz)

2001                  Travels to Venice
2002                  Father moved to nursing facility
2003                  Biophilia, solo exhibition, DVAA, Narrowsburgh
2005                  Begins Dharma Rain Series (oil; 48x48in)


2006                  Father dies in Toronto (9/06/25-3/27/06)
                          Curates Elegy in a Variable Key
                               (paintings + voice), in his memory
                               TheoGanz Studio, Brooklyn
                          Art for Water, Sponsored by Damascus Citizens
                          Curates SONYA Invitational, TheoGanz Studio
                          6 x 6, DVAA, Narrowsburgh, NY
                          Two Painters, curator, William Pesce,
                               Windsor Whip Works, Windsor NY

2007                  Enigma, curator, Paulien Lethen,
                              Holland Tunnel Gallery, Paros, Greece
                          8th Annual National Juried Exhibition,
                             Shippensburg University,
(Stephen Haller)

2009                  Moves to Beacon, NY
                          MGM dies (7/4/1909 - 7/13/2009) in Toronto  

2011                  Persistent Song, Bank Square, Beacon
                         Annual Members Show, Garrison Art Center

2012                  Inaugurates TheoGanz Studio in Beacon
                          Travels to Cycladic Islands, Greece

2013                  Inaugurates Beacon 3D, a public art exhibition
                          These are Mine, solo exhibition, TheoGanz

2014                  Dispatches from Eternity, TheoGanz Studio
                          Curates Second Annual Beacon 3D exhibition
                          Travels to Cycladic Islands, Greece

2015                  Meeting Past with Present, curator, Bibiana
                               Matheis, Akin Museum & Library, Pawling
                          Women of Hudson Valley, HCC
                          Small Works, group, The Catalyst Gallery
                          Curates 3rd Annual Beacon 3D Exhibition

2016                  Begins Wherever I Travel/Ridgeline Series
                                (horse motif on 16 x 16 in panels; below)

                         Behold the Moon, curator, Bibiana Matheis,
                              The Hammond Museum & Stroll Garden

                          Women of Hudson Valley, HCC
                          The Wind Will Carry Us, TheoGanz Studio
                          Beacon Open Studios, participating artist
                          Curates 4th Annual Beacon 3D Exhibition

2017                  Mother dies suddenly in Toronto (8/10/17)
                          Curates 5th Annual Beacon 3D Exhibition
                          Inaugurates Equinox Series, Music + Voice

2018                  Closes brick and mortar TheoGanz Studio
                          Continues to represent Inuit art
                          Travels to Kinngait (Cape Dorset), Nunavut  
                           Presents the 59th Annual Print Collection
                                     from Kinngait
                          Curates 6th Annual Beacon 3D Exhibition
                          Curates, Hiro Ichikawa 1959-2017:
                               Mountains & Rivers Without End/
                                Paintings From a Trail
(catalog available)
                          Curates, The Magical Creatures
                               of Meelia Kelly/ Drawings From The Archives,

                               Catalogue forward, John Westren, DFA                            

2019                 Curates, The imPerfect Poetics of Place
                                Hudson Beach Glass Gallery    
                         Curates, Still Still Moving, 
Howland Cultural Center
                         Curates 7th Annual Beacon 3D Exhibition
                         Resumes daily art practice at Regal Bag Studio

                         Begins  Girl by the Sea and Guardian Series
                         Newburgh Open Studios, participating artist
                         Incorporates thread, fabric into work
                         Begins Memory Flags 15x15 in                     

2020                  Artists Invite Artists, Buster Levi Gallery
                          Inaugurates 3D Body_of_Work Series,
                                in-depth artist talks at Beahive 3/12/20
                          Girl by the Sea/Guardians, solo exhibition,
                               WAAM, juror, Kristen Dodge, owner,
                                SEPTEMBER, Hudson, NY 
                                (March 7-April 5) closed March 13th;
                                Notified June 29, 2020
                                that no imminent reopening and to pickup
                                work due to COVID-19 
                         Voices: I Remember, The Hammond Museum &
                                Japanese Stroll Garden, North Salem,
                                 New York  (June 10 - Sept 19, 2020)
                                 Postponed until 2021
                         20/20 Vision, Holland Tunnel Gallery, Newburgh
                                 Feb 8 - March 29, 2020
                         Starts The Turin Horse and Surfacing Series
                         Presents the 2020 Kinngait Collection
                         Produces catalogue for unseen WAAM show
                         Show of Hands, SEPTEMBER, Hudson, NY
                                  Sept 18 - Nov 8, 2020 (Hermione)
                         Surfacing, solo, recent drawings,
                                   Buster Levi Gallery,  Dec 4-27/20
                         Sees photographs of sleeping whales; inspires
                                   work about whales - continuing the
                                   Surfacing Series -  including fluke drawings,
                                   paintings; readings re whaling history.

2021                 Vaccinated 3/2021 (COVID-19)
                         Visits New Bedford Whaling Museum (5/11)
                          Henry, after a long, slow decline, passes away
                              at home with David and I by his side (5/30)

                         Voices: I Remember,  group, Hammond Museum
                               & Japanese Stroll Garden, North Salem, NY
                              June 5 - November 21, 2021. Curated by
                              Bibiana Huang Matheis 



                               Finishes first Box of Flukes, handmade
                                    maple and walnut box which contains
                                    50 little abstract oil paintings of flukes.

                                    FLOW, group, Buster Levi Gallery,
                                          Cold Spring August 7-29, 2021
                                    Participates in Newburgh Open
                                          Studios 2021; Sept 25, 26th
                                    NEWBURGH NOW! Holland Tunnel
                                          Gallery, Sept 10-26, 2021
                                     Travel to Toronto by car (Dec 10-17) to see family 
                                           for the first time in 2 years. Quality-time, worth
                                           the hassle of crossing/testing/ etc to be able to
                                           visit family members once again.